White and coloured Paper Fibres

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  For high-quality and age resistant fibre casting we recommend fibers of pine paper pulp... more
Product information "White and coloured Paper Fibres"


For high-quality and age resistant fibre casting we recommend fibers of pine paper pulp (alkali digested). The coloured fibres are dyed with a neutral paper dye with moderate to good resistance to fading.
We deliver fibres in white and in each of the five basic colours shown below, which fit well to the colour hues of aged paper. All fibres can be mixed together.
Two groups of tinting fibres are available for tinting the basic colors: a light tinting group = grade 1, and a dark tinting group = grade 4.
The fibres are described as yellow, brown and black, but when highly diluted will appear dusky pink and blue. The basic colours described above are actually made by combining these colours and white fibers.
The Grade 1 tinting fibres can be used to tint white and light colored fibres, Grade 2 can be used to tint medium and dark coloured fibres. Mixing light and dark fibres produces mottled paper.


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