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Hand-made wove papers Hand-made wove papers
No running direction, ca. 90 g/m², unbleached hemp and flax, tinted with earth pigments, buffered with calcium carbonate, e.g. supplement to wood-containing papers of the 19th century, age-resistant, complying with DIN 6738, ISO 9706,...
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Gossamer Tissue (Berlin Tissue), 10 sheets, 30 x 42 cm Gossamer Tissue (Berlin Tissue), 10 sheets, 30...
The "Gossamer-Tissue" is an extremely thin (2g/m⊃2;), matt Japanese paper made of traditional Japanese fibres and known as a material for aesthetically challenging work. Developed by Franklin Mowery, it is now produced in Berlin by the...
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Berlin Insert Paper, 9 sheets, 3 colours, 3 weights Berlin Insert Paper, 9 sheets, 3 colours, 3...
New conservation paper siutable for filling losses especialy in prints and drawings where aesthetic appearance of the paper must be adjusted to match the original. The Berlin insert paper is wove, voluminous and unsized. It can be...
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These papers reproduce common colours of aged paper and are usable for restauration in general. Laid. Sheet approx. 45 x 71cm, Weight: approx. 80g/m²
Content 1 sheet
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Flax laid approx. 60g/m² Flax laid approx. 60g/m²
Raw hackled flax with the natural flax colour.Tough coverpaper for books and for repair of splintered corners of book covers. Laid. Sheet approx. 45 x 71 cm.
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Blue Papers Blue Papers
These papers are made with blue rags and represent samples of 17. - 19. century. For use in archive, books and drawings ( Ingres– paper ).Laid.Sheet approx. 45 x 71 cm. Weight approx. 80g/m²
Content 1 sheet
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Weimar Papers Weimar Papers
The Weimar papers were developed in cooperation with the Duchess Anna Amalia Library for the restoration of the fire damage. These papers are wove. The colours are made by use of lightfast, ageresistant pigments.These coloured papers are...
Content 1 sheet
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Paper Case Paper Case
Cover for paper case binding, also as replacement for parchment. Tough carton with a high folding stability by use of Manilahemp, rags, raw flax and a slow cold air drying. The paper has a smoth surface, cold press. Sheet approx. 45 x...
Content 1 sheet
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This special Berlin Tissue is already made in stripes and allows comfortable work (consolidation of written and printed lines). 5 Sheets Format ca. 30x42cm
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Nano-Tissue, 4g/m² Nano-Tissue, 4g/m²
Tissue with extrem strength by use of nanocellulose and a close surface with little visibility of the fine fibers. The fibers are Kozo from Ibaragi (J) and Mitsumata (J) in combination with nanocellulose (gluconacetobacterxylinus, (used...
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Bookcoverboards multilayered couched, Format: ca. 30 x 42cm Bookcoverboards multilayered couched, Format:...
Modern greyboards have a higher specific weight compared to their thickness and are very smooth and sturdy. Historic boards are made by glue together of sheets of paper or multilayered couching at the vat of pulp from recycled paper....
Content 1 sheet
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