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Hollytex thick Hollytex thick
Non-woven polyester fabric, 80 gsm, white, dimensionally stable in wet and warm conditions, resistant to solvents, thicker and smoother than Parafil; suitable as backing or support material, also for pressing/weighing down glued paper,...
Content 1 running meter(s)
From €11.95 *
Sympatex non-woven Laminate thin (PES) Sympatex non-woven Laminate thin (PES)
The pore-free, 10µm thick, on polyester non-woven-fabric laminated Sympatex membrane is permeable to steam. Hydrophilic components are incorporated into the membrane and these attract the molecules of steam, which are transported from...
Content 1 running meter(s)
From €34.50 *
Hollytex thin Hollytex thin
31 gsm, non-woven polyester fabric, white, dimensionally stable in wet and warm conditions, resistant to solvents, 15 µm filtration grade, 45l/m⊃2/s water permeability, suitable as supporting material and for pressing/weighing down...
Content 1 running meter(s)
From €10.10 *
Silicone Paper Silicone Paper
Width 1,04m: white, adhesive-resistant on both sides, 70g/m², impermeable to water, for use as a moisture barrier Width 1,22m: white, resistant to adhesives on one side, 66g/m², for packing pictures etc. as the adhesive tape sticks on...
From €92.00 *
Polyester Film, crystal clear Polyester Film, crystal clear
To insert into passe-partout cut-outs, to protect books, to cover the low pressure table, guaranteed without coating or separating agents etc. Available in the following sizes: 100 m roll: 1,52 m wide, 15 µm thick (Order No. 38551) Item...
From €94.00 *
Mesh Mesh
Polyester, mesh-size 100 µm, 65 gsm, as an ironing cloth for the smoothing and drying irons, as backing material for posters, as support for partial leaf-casting. Width 1,53 m, cut to length, minimum 1m running meter.
€58.00 *
Viledon thin Viledon thin
This thermally bonded non-woven polyester with longitudinally oriented fibres has a basis weight of 30 g/m². It is water-permeable as well as resistant to solvents and remains dimensionally stable when wet. It can be used when pressing...
€114.50 *
Sympatex non-woven Laminate thick Sympatex non-woven Laminate thick
92 g/m², 100% PES, white, soft and voluminous fleece clings loosely to the membrane and evens out textures on the object, moderate moistening speed. Width: 1,45 m x 1 m
Content 1 running meter(s)
From €36.80 *
Wax Paper Wax Paper
White, one side rough, the other side smooth, minimally water-permeable, to weigh down and press down glued sheets 60 g/m², for softening adhesives. Width 1,00m, 100m roll.
€44.00 *
Blotting card/Filter paper Blotting card/Filter paper
Blotting card, 1,00 m: White, pH-7,35 220 g/m² 50 m roll Blotting card, 1,10 m: White, pH-7,32 315 g/m² 50 m roll Filter paper, 1,20 m: White, 80 g/m² 50 m roll Filter paper, 1,20 m: White, 140 g/m² 25 m roll
From €69.00 *
Japanese Paper with wet-strength Japanese Paper with wet-strength
White, 23g/m², for use as supporting material when moisturising delicate objects, for securing and joining leather whilst working on the reverse side Width 1,00m, 50m roll
€86.50 *
Mesh Mesh
Polyester, mesh size 300 µm, 180 gsm, for use on the low pressure table, for washing, leaf-casting. Width: 1,02 m, cut to length in multiples of 5 m (Price per 5 m)
€127.00 *
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