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Ebake Ebake
Long, soft, white goat hair, long soft-wood handle for applying thin paste on thin paper and for applying thin paper and removing air bubbles in backing work, 300 mm long Available in the following widths: 1: 13 mm (Order Nr. 12 413) 3:...
From €9.20 *
Screw Punch Manual hole punch, 6 Bits Screw Punch Manual hole punch, 6 Bits
Manual hole punch for paper, card, leather and parchment, with six cutting tool inserts (bits) for 6 sizes of hole: 1,5, 2,0, 2,5, 3,0, 3,5 and 4,0 mm. Cuts holes accurately and the rounded-off edges protect against tearing. (Parchment...
€117.60 *
Wooden Paste Bowls Wooden Paste Bowls
Oval form with encircling copper rings: 30 x 38 x 8cm and 27 x 35 x 7,5cm. (only available as a set)
€410.00 *
Bamboo Spatula Bamboo Spatula
Flattened and tapering to the edge, can be honed by sanding down. 320 x 19 mm
€10.10 *
Bamboo Folding Tool Bamboo Folding Tool
200 x16 x max. 5 mm after an original by Kazunori Oryu.
€21.10 *
Paste Sieve Paste Sieve
Mesh made of black horsehair, diameter: 240 mm, height: 110 mm. Wooden spoon for straining for paste, 200 x 65 mm.Without bamboo spoon "Shamoji" Art.No. 13265
€469.00 *
Paste Brush Paste Brush
Sheep hair, soft and full, 145x10 mm, 30 mm bristle length.
€129.80 *
Paste Brush Paste Brush
With plastic handle, pig bristles, 145 x 8 mm, bristle length 30 mm, for applying medium in paste form.
€144.70 *
Tsukemawashi-Bake Tsukemawashi-Bake
Flat paste brush made of white sheep hair, narrowing to the tip, for covering large areas with paste, 170 mm wide.
€168.00 *
Mizu-Bake Mizu-Bake
Water brush made of deer hair, widening to the working edge, for moistening paper during binding and work under tension, 170 mm wide.
€112.30 *
Naze-Bake Naze-Bake
Brush for smoothing and spreading, of strong Arenga natural fibres, when doing binding work with Japanese paper, the individual sheets can be gently applied so that the air can escape without the pape creasing or tearing, 170 mm wide
€105.00 *
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