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Ebake Ebake
Long, soft, white goat hair, long soft-wood handle for applying thin paste on thin paper and for applying thin paper and removing air bubbles in backing work, 300 mm long Available in the following widths: 1: 13 mm (Order Nr. 12 413) 3:...
From €8.60 *
Bamboo Spoon Bamboo Spoon
bamboo spoon for straining the paste
€8.75 *
Screw Punch Manual hole punch, 6 Bits Screw Punch Manual hole punch, 6 Bits
Manual hole punch for paper, card, leather and parchment, with six cutting tool inserts (bits) for 6 sizes of hole: 1,5, 2,0, 2,5, 3,0, 3,5 and 4,0 mm. Cuts holes accurately and the rounded-off edges protect against tearing. (Parchment...
€98.00 *
Wooden Paste Bowls Wooden Paste Bowls
Oval form with encircling copper rings: 30 x 38 x 8cm and 27 x 35 x 7,5cm. (only available as a set)
€410.00 *
Bamboo Spatula Bamboo Spatula
Flattened and tapering to the edge, can be honed by sanding down. 320 x 19 mm
€10.10 *
Bamboo Folding Tool Bamboo Folding Tool
200 x16 x max. 5 mm after an original by Kazunori Oryu.
€21.10 *
Paste Sieve Paste Sieve
Mesh made of black horsehair, diameter: 240 mm, height: 110 mm. Wooden spoon for straining for paste, 200 x 65 mm.Without bamboo spoon "Shamoji" Art.No. 13265
€347.00 *
Paste Brush Paste Brush
Sheep hair, soft and full, 145x10 mm, 30 mm bristle length.
€129.80 *
Paste Brush Paste Brush
With plastic handle, pig bristles, 145 x 8 mm, bristle length 30 mm, for applying medium in paste form.
€144.70 *
Tsukemawashi-Bake Tsukemawashi-Bake
Flat paste brush made of white sheep hair, narrowing to the tip, for covering large areas with paste, 170 mm wide.
€168.00 *
Mizu-Bake Mizu-Bake
Water brush made of deer hair, widening to the working edge, for moistening paper during binding and work under tension, 170 mm wide.
€112.30 *
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