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White PVC Water Tanks White PVC Water Tanks
Total adjustable height: 1020mm, front edge bent outwards twice to stabilize, basin depth: 175mm at the front, 200mm on the other 3 sides, overflow plug at aheight of 120mm. Please specify in which corner you require the drain. Water...
€0.01 *
Metall Frame Support Metall Frame Support
Metall Frame Support for water tanks, four-sided hollow profile, painted white
€0.01 *
Supporting Base Supporting Base
With side walls, floor and sliding doors, white
€0.01 *
Earth Alkali Earth Alkali
powder, 1 kg (Order No. 42501 / 42601)
Content 1 Kilogram
From €28.85 *
Water Screens Water Screens
for the horizontal soaking of sheets in a water tank The screens have an aluminum frame with a profile of 5 x 20 mm, covered with a monofilament polyester fabric that is resistant to acids, alkalis, oxidizing agents and organic solvents,...
€123.00 *
Photographic Trays, white PVC Photographic Trays, white PVC
Stable and torsion-free when filled with hot water; with smooth base.
From €59.10 *
Gellan Gum Kelcogel CG-LA Gellan Gum Kelcogel CG-LA
Gelling agant suitable for use with water-sensitive paper objects. upon contact with the papaer surface, water-soluble stains are taken up by the gel. Well suited for softening and removing excess adhesive. Further information on the...
From €62.20 *
Laponite RD Laponite RD
Water-souble, white powder for the preparation of firm, sliceable gels. Once applied, it slowly releases moisture to the paper. Suitable for local softening of water-soluble adherences. Long storage life in soaked condition.
From €13.05 *
Pressure Spray Bottle Pressure Spray Bottle
High precision nozzle, safety valve for protection against excessice pressure, for applying water and solutions. Pressure is built up in the bottle by a vertical pumping motion, producing a fine spray. Filling volume: 1,5 l, Pressure: 3 bar
€32.10 *
Disposable Latex Gloves Disposable Latex Gloves
100% natural latex, reversible, lightly powdered, resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohol and ketones. Allow optimal dexterity, sensation, durability and comfort, 100 pieces in a cardboard dispensor. Available in sizes S (Order Nr. 49 501),...
€11.85 *
Calcium carbonate, 1kg Calcium carbonate, 1kg
precipitated, pure powder, 1kg
Content 1 Kilogram
From €26.00 *
microfog-sprayer microfog-sprayer
The microfog sprayer produces an ultra fine mist. For partial conditioning, for example when closing gaping cracks and smoothing wrinkles, 9.5 ml water reservoir. Works in battery mode. USB - charging cable and filling bottle included.
€58.00 *