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Paste-Rings Paste-Rings
Five paste-rings, for small amounts of glue or other pastes, hygienic and practical, no dry edges, directly at the work site.
€6.10 *
Technical Gelatine Technical Gelatine
In granular form, ph-Wert 6,8, e.g. for sizing graphics and for restoration of parchment: 382 g bloom, viscosity: 158mP.
Content 1 Kilogramm
From €12.30 *
Wheat Starch Wheat Starch
pH 6,5-7, excellent adhesive strength, 0,4% protein, minimum 97% starch.
Content 1 Kilogramm
From €6.80 *
Photogelatine Type Restoration 1 Photogelatine Type Restoration 1
From Gelita, completely desalinated therefore lower ion content (lower conductivity), highly transparent Type B Gelatine (bovine), gellation strength ca. 250 g Bloomgram, pH 5,09
Content 1 Kilogramm
From €18.85 *
Sturgeon Glue in chips Sturgeon Glue in chips
In chips (glue sheet) certified German production, processed and dried glue concentrate, quick to prepare in defined concentrations.
€22.10 *
Klucel G Klucel G
Medium viscosity, non-ionic cellulose ether, soluble in water and in organic solvents: eg. ethanol, isopropanol, acetone with HO (9:1). The dry Klucel film is flexible. Klucel is not sticky even in conditions with high ambient humidity....
€69.00 *
Planatol RH 8, 5,5kg Planatol RH 8, 5,5kg
Aqueous starch paste, solvent-free, pH value 4. The film is tough, not brittle, opaque, does not stay tacky, water-soluble, for bonding and binding work. Remove with a clean spoon, recommended to use within 6 months. 5,5 kg tub
Content 1 Eimer
€39.05 *
Tylose MH 300-P2, VE = 1 Kg Tylose MH 300-P2, VE = 1 Kg
Food quality, water-soluble, non-ionic cellulose ether, für reversible, flexible bonds and glueing paper.
Content 1 Kilogramm
From €35.70 *
Bone Glue Bone Glue
In bead form, ph value 6 - 7, longer shelf life when opened than glue from hide, e.g.for binding work: gellation strength, 140 Bloomgram, viscosity, 46mP. All animal glues are characterised by a high resistance to ageing, good adhesive...
Content 1 Kilogramm
From €8.50 *
Hide Glue Hide Glue
In cube form ph value 6,6, has a higher viscosity (85mP) and works faster than bone glue e.g. for glueing book blocks, 260 Bloomgram All animal glues are characterised by a high resistance to ageing, good adhesive properties and purity....
Content 1 Kilogramm
From €10.30 *
Photogelatine Type Restoration 2 Photogelatine Type Restoration 2
Type A Gelatine (porcine), gellation strength ca. 281 g Bloomgram, pH 5,37
Content 1 Kilogramm
From €18.85 *
Gelatine Typ Novo Tec GP Gelatine Typ Novo Tec GP
Low bloom, from GELITA, for pasting after treatment for ink damage. Gellation strength ca. 84 g Bloomgram, pH 5,67
Content 1 Kilogramm
From €16.90 *
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