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Teflon Teflon
Teflonspatel runde Zunge , flexibel, Maße: 200 x 30 x 3 mm (Bestell-Nr. 82233) Teflonspatel spitze Zunge , flexibel, Maße: 190 x 24 x 3 mm (Bestell-Nr. 82250) Teflonspatel Messerform , flexibel, Maße: 190 x 24 x 3 mm (Bestell-Nr. 82270)...
From €18.40 *
Pricking awl, Dowel lenght 55 mm Pricking awl, Dowel lenght 55 mm
Gehärtete Stahlspitze mit Ahorngriff, Dornlänge 55 mm.
€8.90 *
Teflon Coated Double Spatula Teflon Coated Double Spatula
Both thin, tapering, flexible ends of the double spatula are coated with brown Teflon, for separating layers which are glued together. 195 x 7 mm
€17.90 *
Double Spatula Double Spatula
Stainless steel, with flat, tapering, non-cutting ends for separating adhesions. 150mm
€20.50 *
Precision Rule Precision Rule
Highly wear-resistant rules made of hard-chromed stainless steel. Hardened with milles edges. Matt finish and deep-etched millimetre scale. Length 300 mm with a Wide of 25 mm Length 600 mm with a Wide of 30 mm Length 1000 mm with a Wide...
From €9.95 *
Spatula, Handmade in Italy Spatula, Handmade in Italy
High quality stainless steel, roundet tips, for lifting old backings, tape removal and old lining Length 178 mm with a Wide of 5/5 mm
€10.50 *
Stainless Steel Folding Tool Stainless Steel Folding Tool
160 x 10 x 2 mm
€18.80 *
Pinzette, curved Pinzette, curved
Curved, 120 mm.
€17.50 *
Teflon Double Spatula "multi" Teflon Double Spatula "multi"
300 x 30 x 3mm, developed in practice, solid Teflon.
€27.20 *
Delicate scissors for edges of sheets, 15cm (6") Delicate scissors for edges of sheets, 15cm (6")
straight, pointed, cranked, 15cm (6")
€21.90 *
Cutting Pad Cutting Pad
Elastic, slip-proof pad with »self-repairing« surface. Can also be used as a base for writing and drawing. With imprinted grid.
From €21.75 *
Knife Knife
Double-edged knife, 10mm wide, 260mm long.
€67.50 *
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