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Mobile Vacuum Panel RSP1 Mobile Vacuum Panel RSP1
The mobile vacuum panel is very thin (10 mm) and the leading edge is sloped at an angle of 45 °, so that both single sheets and bound books can be treated. It can be equipped with either the same plastic sintered plates (hydrophilic or...
From €471.90 *
Replacement plates for SBD2 Replacement plates for SBD2
Replacement hydrophilic plate (PE) - Order No.: 12 751 Replacement hydrophobic plate (PE) - Order No.: 12 761 Replacement PVC perforated plate (PE), white - Order No.: 12 771
From €229.90 *
Mini Low Pressure Table NSD 110 Mini Low Pressure Table NSD 110
The mini low-pressure table NSD 110 is a table-top unit without legs. It is easy to transport, assemble and operate, and can be built up on an existing table when needed or integrated into an existing table. The control is adjustable as...
From €1,446.50 *
Low Pressure Table NSD 111 / NSD 115 Low Pressure Table NSD 111 / NSD 115
These tables have sturdy legs, square in cross-section, easily mounted with screws. Also located centrally under the table top, a cooling fan which shortens the cooling time from 90°C to 40°C to about 15 min (relevant for thermoplastic...
From €2,389.20 *
NSD 115 mobile / NSD 1101 mobile NSD 115 mobile / NSD 1101 mobile
For paper and painting restoration. The uses and technical data correspond to the device NSD 115. The base support is in three sections, which are fixed to the underside of the table with hinges. They are easily folded out and fixed with...
From €3,784.00 *
Heated Low Pressure Tables NSD 1101 Heated Low Pressure Tables NSD 1101
Large, solid tables on four adjustable legs or on a mobile chassis, with controls mounted on a short side of the table. Other dimensions can be ordered, also without heating on request. Suction connection under the table plate. Supply3 x...
From €1,881.00 *
Low Pressure Bath-Table BT0710 Low Pressure Bath-Table BT0710
Without a base, can be placed on an available table or on the UE1 Universal table. The low weight enables complete emptying by raising the side opposite the drain, so that dirty water can run into the suction device. We recommend the...
€1,243.00 *
Low Pressure Bath-Table BT1510 Low Pressure Bath-Table BT1510
The large version of this series, with a fixed, mobile base, on which the control for activating the suction device is mounted. The suction level can be regulated by a foot control. The control unit for the vacuum device (ATTIX 30-01) is...
€3,872.00 *
NNP1 small console NNP1 small console
External dimensions: 520 x 650x 120 mm, Work surface: 480 x 640 mm, Max. negative pressure: 150 hPa, 230 V / 50Hz, 4 daylight tubes 18W, Weight: 18kg, Housing made of rigid white PVC .
€1,446.50 *
NNP2/ES large console NNP2/ES large console
External dimensions: 680 x 1000 x 150 mm with carrying handles, work surface: 640 x 960 mm, max. negative pressure: 150 hPa, 230 V / 50 Hz, 8 daylight tubes 18 watts adjustable, cooling fan, weight 30kg, housing of white rigid PVC.
€2,722.50 *
NSP1/EFS worktable NSP1/EFS worktable
Movable and tiltable working table with illuminated low-pressure field, advanced version. The table surface can be inclined at any angle up to a vertical position. The table is provided with a spillover groove around the circumference so...
€3,470.50 *
Work table with illuminated low-pressure field. Light-grey table top of durable plastic with an illuminated working area size DIN A2 (hydrophilic plastic sinter plate) set flush into it. Table top dimensions: 930 x 1300 mm, Height: 750...
€2,095.50 *
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