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Gold Beaters Skin Gold Beaters Skin
Cleaned and stretched bovine gut, for restoration of parchment, approx. 150 mm wide. Available in following sizes: Length: ca. 10 m (42182), one piece 60 cm long (42186)
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These water-soluble, anionic dyes are suitable for all open-pored types of leather and have good dyeing properties and a good level of colour fastness. They can be easily applied with a sponge. Use 10g dye to 1 litre of water. All colour...
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RODA DYE NF Leather Dyes RODA DYE NF Leather Dyes
Successor to SELLADERM, metal complex dye concentrates, miscible with water or organic solvents, pH value: 6.5 at 10 g per liter. Deep shades of colour can be achieved quickly using RODA DYE NF. Use 10-200g of dye per liter of water or...
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Leather Softener Leather Softener
The aqueous solution penetrates the leather and causes it to swell, thus improving the ductility. This makes it easier to work with thick, hard types of leather, such as pigskin, when binding books for example. It is also useful for...
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Leather Dressing, 150 ml tin Leather Dressing, 150 ml tin
For care of soft leather. Ingredients: wool fat, Beeswax, castor oil, Glycerol monooleate, camphor, Fir oil, linalool.
Content 1 can
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