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White and coloured Paper Fibres White and coloured Paper Fibres
For high-quality and age resistant fibre casting we recommend fibers of pine paper pulp (alkali digested). The coloured fibres are dyed with a neutral paper dye with moderate to good resistance to fading. We deliver fibres in white and...
From €11.80 *
Cellulose Powder Cellulose Powder
From spruce sulphate pulp, fibre length 0.02 to 0.15 mm, cements old, gaping tears and also the abrasive feeding traces of silverfish; paste with methyl cellulose or wheat starch paste and if necessary tint before the processing....
From €10.90 *
Paper Colours PERGASOL Paper Colours PERGASOL
Liqid colour concentrate, anionic direct dyes, pH value approx. 7-8,5 ( 20 degrees Celcius), water soluble and miscible with many organic solvents, in a 500 ml plastic bottle. Protection i.e. gloves and safety glasses necessary whilst...
From €24.30 *
Small Infilling Bottle Small Infilling Bottle
Plus a plastic pipette for adding fibre suspension to small imperfections: for use with the low pressure table.
€4.50 *
Wet Felt Wet Felt
100% wool, natural white, 3mm thick, 600 x 700mm, to press leaf-cast objects, to weigh down sandwiches of SympaTex.
€57.30 *
Leaf-Casting Sponge Leaf-Casting Sponge
With soft synthetic bristles, suited to harmonize fibre suspension endorsements on the low pressure table, 45 x 85 x 35 mm.
€2.80 *
Leaf-Casting Machines RAS2 L turbo and RAS2 M turbo Leaf-Casting Machines RAS2 L turbo and RAS2 M...
The construction and use of these machines is very easy and user-friendly, so that when defects in paper are leaf-cast, good results can be achieved quickly. Two low-voltage pumps circulate the water (L: 95 litre / M: 53 litre). It is...
From €6,646.20 *
Easy BC Leaf-casting Machine Easy BC Leaf-casting Machine
The Easy BC leaf-casting machine is easy to use, good value and suitable for occasional, qualitatively demanding leaf-casting work. Drainage is achieved without a pump, only by means of the force exerted by the draining water. In...
€1,128.60 *
Leaf-casting Box Easy 1 Leaf-casting Box Easy 1
With the leaf-casting box EASY 1, defects in paper objects up to a size of 10 x 30 cm can be leafcast on the vacuum table. The device consists of a box with rubber seals and a sheet holder that holds down the original on the screen while...
€352.50 *