Book Binder Multi-Purpose Press

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Precision press on mobile base. The basic model Type 1 consists of the base and the pressing... more
Product information "Book Binder Multi-Purpose Press"

Precision press on mobile base. The basic model Type 1 consists of the base and the pressing device (pressing jaws 125 mm wide) with a clearance of 430mm or 500mm

The pressing device can be tilted to 90° and thus facilitates processing of the spine of the book. Accessories for special applications:

Conical jaws increase the pressure on the fold area, French bindings and volumes with wooden covers can be pressed accurately. Additional jaws for tying are useful for books with raised frets. A depth stop facilitates the adhesive binding process. A trimming cutter with roller blades is guided by the pressing jaws and enables the trimming of book blocks. The optional installation of a base cupboard with shelf provides storage space for tools and materials.

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