Low Pressure Book Wedge SBD1

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Table-top device with well-thought out details. This device has been designed for bound books,... more
Product information "Low Pressure Book Wedge SBD1"

Table-top device with well-thought out details.
This device has been designed for bound books, in which pages are to be individually treated using processes which require low-pressure: local leafcasting, stain removal, removal/reduction of seals and discolouration, partial application of moisture activated tissues to ink corroded pages etc..
The extremely flat, mobile suction wedge can be optionally fitted with a hydrophilic or a hydrophobic plastic sintered plate or with a perforated plastic plate.
The open book is securely held during the work process. There is an adjustable holder below the wedge, which supports the front edge of the book and the pages. The other part of the book is held by the angled position and also by a retaining clip.

Overall size B x W x H: 490 x 400 x 300/450 mm
Low-pressure area: 325 x 240 mm
Weight: 5 kg

A vacuum generator is needed for use, preferably with a regulator, e.g. the wet industrial vacuum ATTIX 30-21PC, Order Nr. 30 408

With a hydrophilic sinter plate, a drop of water placed on the plate will flow directly into the plate without suction and be dispersed in the material, in a similar fashion to blotting paper. With a hydrophobic plate, the drop will stay on the surface of the plate, and will only be sucked through the material when the low-pressure is activated. This can for example be an advantage in leafcasting, because the fibre suspension does not flow off evenly.

SBD1 with hydrophilic plastic sinter plate Order Nr. 12 650
SBD1 with hydrophobic plastic sinter plate Order Nr. 12 660

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