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Teflon Coated Double Spatula Teflon Coated Double Spatula
Both thin, tapering, flexible ends of the double spatula are coated with brown Teflon, for separating layers which are glued together. 195 x 7 mm
€17.90 *
Teflon Teflon
Teflonspatel runde Zunge , flexibel, Maße: 200 x 30 x 3 mm (Bestell-Nr. 82233) Teflonspatel spitze Zunge , flexibel, Maße: 190 x 24 x 3 mm (Bestell-Nr. 82250) Teflonspatel Messerform , flexibel, Maße: 190 x 24 x 3 mm (Bestell-Nr. 82270)...
From €17.50 *
Spatula, Handmade in Italy Spatula, Handmade in Italy
High quality stainless steel, roundet tips, for lifting old backings, tape removal and old lining Length 178 mm with a Wide of 5/5 mm
€9.80 *
Delicate scissors for edges of sheets, 15cm (6") Delicate scissors for edges of sheets, 15cm (6")
straight, pointed, cranked, 15cm (6")
From €21.90 *
Anatomy Scalpel, sharp Anatomy Scalpel, sharp
150mm, with metal handle.
€12.25 *
Pinzette, curved Pinzette, curved
Curved, 120 mm.
€14.60 *
scalpel handle Bayha scalpel handle Bayha
scalpel handle from Bayha in stainless steel (85400) or plastic (85401) with protective cap (85402)
From €2.50 *
Knife Knife
Double-edged knife, 10mm wide, 260mm long.
€67.50 *
Thin Trimming Knives Thin Trimming Knives
Available in two widths: 10mm (Order Nr. 85 210) or 15mm (Order Nr. 85 215 Each 230mm long
From €36.00 *
Trimming and Passepartout Knife Trimming and Passepartout Knife
Extremely sharp knife. In an ergonomically formed brass handle with a drop-shaped profile, ground on both sides with a narrow tip, suitable for all cutting work on leather, card, parchment, paper and so on. Interchangeable blade, holder...
€42.00 *
Paring Knife "Ascona" Paring Knife "Ascona"
Fol all paring work on leather, but also for vellum and paper, for thinning edges smoothly. Available in three sizes: Width: 12mm (Order Nr. 85 012), 20mm (Order Nr. 85 020) or 45mm (Order Nr. 85 045)
From €106.25 *
Bookbinder's Knife Bookbinder's Knife
Length of blade 120 mm
Content 1 Stück
From €12.50 *
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