Humidification Chamber made of Cedar Wood

Humidification Chamber made of Cedar Wood
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size adjustable A simple but effective design consisting of 2 identical L-shaped pieces with... more
Product information "Humidification Chamber made of Cedar Wood"

size adjustable

A simple but effective design consisting of 2 identical L-shaped pieces with arms of 2 different lengths.
The 2 cedarwood pieces form the frame of a humidification chamber of adjustable size. The maximum internal area is 730 x 1110mm, outer dimension 795 x 1195 mm. The format of the chamber can be reduced by simply sliding the two parts together. A sheet of glass or Plexiglas (not included) can be used to form the lid of the chamber.

for humidifying and expanding paper or parchment and for softening or regenerating adhesives and binding agents.
Method of use:

a frame of the required size is constructed from the 2 cedarwood pieces and placed on a smooth, waterproof base (table top). Blotting paper or capillary non-woven fabric is soaked in water and placed on the base in the chamber. A photographic tray filled with water can also be used. Above this is placed a support to avoid contact of the object with the water. A framed sieve on a support fulfils this function well. A hygrometer is placed in the chamber to check the humidity. Finally the chamber is closed with a glass or plexiglass lid.
External dimensions of the humidification chamber: 1200 x 800mm.
Glass sheet, sieve or non-woven fabric not included.

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