Sympatex non-woven Laminate thin (PES)

Sympatex non-woven Laminate thin (PES)
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The pore-free, 10µm thick, on polyester non-woven-fabric laminated Sympatex membrane is... more
Product information "Sympatex non-woven Laminate thin (PES)"

The pore-free, 10µm thick, on polyester non-woven-fabric laminated Sympatex membrane is permeable to steam. Hydrophilic components are incorporated into the membrane and these attract the molecules of steam, which are transported from component to component through the membrane, as in a billiard system in the direction of the lower pressure.

In practice, this property can be deployed in the detaching of covers, removal/reduction of water stains, loosening and separation of adhesions and even for whitening:

Sandwiches" are made according to the task: e.g. polyester film, dampened or wet blotting card, Sympatex laminate (with the membrane facing the object), the object, wet or dry blotting card, polyester film and then finally felt or a board to weigh it down. Within such a sandwich there are differing concentrations of steam. This results in a pressure difference, which is the driving force for the transport of the steam.

The duration of the moistening process varies (usually several hours) and depends on various factors: on the degree of moisture in the blotting card, (water available), on temperature (on the heated low-pressure table, the process can be accelerated), on the properties of the object in question: the quality and thickness of the paper, the sizing etc.
100% PES, washable at 40°C
145cm wide, running meter
thin 40 g/m², steam-permeable membrane for expanding, moistening, relieving tension, regeneration of paper, paint and adhesives

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